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  • professional detergents for food processing industry and beverages, HORECA and Agro sector.
  • household chemicals,
  • personal care products like soaps, shampoes, shower gels.

We offer:

  • Our own products under your brand, logo and label. Probably the easiest way is to use our currently existing product and serve your customers with those products which already have proven success and got many positive feedback.
  • Your own product under your formula. If you have a market where special products are welcome, we can develop special products tailored to your customer needs, under your own brand.
  • Our experts and professionals have the knowledge to create and produce product with your logo and label.

What we guarantee:

🗹Fast and flexible implementation of your project.
🗹High quality finished products at reasonable prices.
🗹On time delivery.

🗹Label printing service.
🗹Full product documentaion.
🗹Full product documentaion.

Private label project

One more private label project completed.

Disinfection  gel   in fancy black bottles for special end customers, who prefer stylish  packaging.

We  are  here to make  your  wishes and desires  come true.


The successful project, that took a lot of our efforts. Now we can ease up and enjoy it.

The project has started in 2017. A new line of household cleaners was launched. We collaborated with our client on every single detail of the project. We believe every little thing makes big things happen. Expertise of our professional team and our client’s stubbornness made this project fruitful.

The essential motivation that inspired the emergence of 4 CORNERS project was the desire to create products that are efficient and, at the same time, more friendly to human health.

Client’s purpose was to form a brand close to the consumer, covering the various sub-categories of household cleaners.

The final product combines both technological innovation and concern for the environment and people.

Maxima project

We have started manufacturing „private label“ detergents for Maxima retail chain

Of course, the project required a lot of effort, especially from RnD. However, now we can say that all our efforts are fully justified and frutfull.

At your request we can develop detergents for various purposes, with different components according to EU standards.

In detergent production, we use raw materials only from selected, reliable international suppliers. Implemented ISO management system and extensive laboratory testing ensure safe and high quality production and effective control.