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Our industry (activities) – supply of cleaning detergents and cleaning equipment for the industry. We create and use hygiene solutions, which are thoughtful and acceptable for our clients.


We offer professional solutions for hotels, professional kitchens.


We offer professional solutions for laundries.

Our Company, producing and supplying detergents and disinfectants, seeks to comply with international quality standards and assure quality of products needed by religious-ethnic groups (Halal, Kosher).

Through our flexibility we are able to customize our business to meet needs of all our customers, our creativity helps us to come up with innovative solutions, therefore, these two, alongside with continuous improvement, shall be our main principles to be observed in our activity and partnership.

The management and employees of UAB “BS Chemical”, creating a responsible and reliable partnership and seeking to reduce environmental impact, undertake:

  • to take into account requirements of our customers and other persons concerned and provide them with thorough and reliable information about the products,
  • to develop professionalism of each employee, their responsibility for the quality of work and environmental impact,
  • to improve constantly the performance of the integrated management system,
  • to prevent pollution, to use only permissible raw materials in production,
  • comply with requirements of all legal acts applicable to the Company, fulfil all obligations and meet all Halal and Kosher requirements assumed.

To achieve the objectives above, the integrated quality and environmental protection management system, complying with requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, has been implemented, and part of our products have been Halal and Kosher certified.

The Company assures that provisions of the integrated management system policy shall be reviewed on a regular basis, they are available to all our employees and persons concerned, who are aware of these provisions and understand them.

Director                                                                   Tadas Varpiotas