Visit to milk producers on Estonian farms

Our company‘s specialists, Virginijus and Renatas, visited Estonian farms. They recieved a visit invitation from BS Chemical partner-  Baltic Agro Estonia. Four large dairy farmers were visited. The purpose of the visit was to visit Estonian farms that are successfully developing milk production and using BS Chemical products. As well as  to offer additional hygiene solutions. And the most import was to listen to the ir life story and what is missing to achieve better results.

 Upon arrival at the production premises, if necessary, we can always perform equipment  higiene test, which shows the actual amount of organic substance on the surfaces after washing. For better results, we can offer professional detergents made by BS Chemical.

In close cooperation with farms and farmers, we decide which products are  more  usefull and profitable for the farms. While developing our products, we always hear the desires  of  the farm owner and his specialists. And we never forget the physiological habits and welfare of the animals.

During this visit, the specialists found out that Estonian milk producers live in similar conditions as Lithuania’s large milk producers, they face similar situations, but they also need a specific product. This information was fully analyzed and weighed. The needs and conditions have been transferred to the product development department of BS Chemical company and the product is being developed.