Cattle hoof diseases on dairy farms and diseases prevention options

On  September 15th, we had an extraordinary event. We are happy to share moments and details of the interactive seminar, that took place at our premises.

The topic of the seminar: Cattle hoof diseases on dairy farms and diseases prevention options. The organizers of the seminar, Baltic Agro and BS Chemical consistently put together a schedule; more than 30 participants, who face cattle hoof problems in their daily activities, from all over Lithuania were invited.

The aim of the seminar was to discuss animal diseases on farms and to introduce the latest products that solves cattle problems; as well as show our plant, where chemical solutions are developed and manufactured.

During  the seminar people were  presenting  their  reports.

– doc. Dr. Arūnas Rutkauskas, Head of the Large Animal Clinic of LSMU VA VF (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences). Subject of the report: Cattle hoof diseases and prevention.

-BS Chemical Head of department of Agriculture , Agronomist, Agricultural Specialist, Renatas Bernikas. Subject of the report: Development  and distribution of  BS Chemical specific products for hoof care.

We are glad that the seminar had a great success.  We received a lot of interest and questions from the participants; and participants were in a  very good mood. The seminar was ended  with a wonderful dinner by the sea in Klaipeda. Watching  the sunset after busy day in a pleasant company was very relaxing.

Thanks all the participants for spending  time with  us!