At the end of the summer, people start looking for places where they can relax body and soul.

Perhaps, spa treatments and swimming in the pool are what help to regain strength after a hard day’s work and shorten the period between summers. Although in Lithuania water procedures for health, leisure and for the rehabilitation of patients have been used since ancient times, but the concept of spa services in Lithuania spread and became popular a decade ago.

The quality of these services is an integrative concept that combines the concept of service delivery and customer satisfaction. What determines customer satisfaction is the cleanliness of the spa or pool. Water is the basis of life, so bacteria, viruses, microbes and fungi constantly grow and multiply in the pool and its surroundings. Some contaminants are trapped by filtration equipment, but no filtration device guarantees 100% purity. High air temperatures are conducive to the development of algae and microorganisms. Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate chemical detergents that will eliminate the risk of water contamination and allow to maintain its proper cleanliness.

BS Chemical produce quality detergents and disinfectants for water, spa and pool care.

In our product basket we have:

Undo Hypochlor – Sodium hypochlorite based swimming рool water disinfectant

Undo PH – Swimming pool water pH lowering agent

Undo Flok- Swimming pool water clarifier

And many  more.

Our experienced sales managers will not only advise, but also help eliminate hygiene problems at your business.