HALAL sertificate

Halal and Kosher certificates is a constant work

Many people are concerned about what they consume. Muslims want to be assured that the food they eat is Halal quality, Jews – that their food is kosher. World religions influence people’s lifestyles, decisions and diets differently. Nevertheless, until recently, the food sector ignored the Muslim and Jewish consumer traditions.

Recently, the global Halal and Kosher product sector has begun to develop significantly; the food industry began producing Halal and / or Kosher compliant products and supplying them to all parts of the world, including Muslim countries and Israel.  Food industry equipment  producing Kosher and Halal food must be washed with appropriate detergents. That is how the idea to ceryify our  products came up.

Our detergents are certified with both Halal and Kosher certificates. We work every day to bring quality products to consumers, and these certificates not only expand our export opportunities, but also gives  our products  quality evaluation. We renew Kosher and Halal certificates annually.

Hired company conducts external audits every year to ensure that our raw materials, products and containers comply with Halal and Kosher requirements. The information collected is processed and only later ainternational certificates are issued

This process requires  constant work and maintenance.