Skystas muilas

Basic Handsoap Apple and Basic Hansoap Rose, new liquid soaps

New, improved liquid soap with apple and rose scent. In the production of soap we used ingredients of natural origin that gently cleanse and foam, refresh and moisturize the skin. Soap can be used in children’s educational institutions, schools and kindergartens. Playful bright colors attract the eye; surely children will want to wash their hands. Washing hands has been important at all times, and now it is given special attention.

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective means of preventing many infectious diseases and viruses, but hands must be washed properly. The thumbs place between fingers and around nails and are usually badly washed. Effective hand washing requires clean water, soap and a towel. It is best to use liquid soap and disposable towels. If paper towels are not available, cloths may be used to dry the hands, but they must be for personal use only.

BS Chemical soaps are so great that every time you wash your hands, your hands will thank you.