BS Chemical provide a wide range of internationally approved food industry detergents, disinfection products, food tools, equipment’s and disposables designed for all food safety needs. More importantly, we ensure that all products are used efficiently and properly, providing on job training for staff and frequent skill updates.

We strongly believe that profitability in the business of animal husbandry starts with hygiene. That is why, throughout Europe, we are  supporting agricultural businesses with our innovative hygiene products and complete solutions.

Top hotels, guest houses, and inns throughout Baltic States select our products  to ensure their linens are always clean. Our  laundry detergents, stain removers, and fabric softeners are formulated to remove soils. In addition to the room’s sheets and towels, we provide  a comprehensive line of cleaning supplies for the entire guest room and bathrooms, dining areas, kitchens , restaurants and bars.  From floor and glass cleaners, wood polishes, dishwashing liquids  and various disinfectants, all BS Chemical solutions produce amazing results, ensuring that all premises are always clean. Our  presoaks, enzyme stain removers, and rinse aids are formulated to remove soils, lipstick stains in  a water  of  any hardness.

By identifying our customer needs, implementing integrated solutions, and providing comprehensive training and support, BS Chemical optimize any industry‘s hygiene operations, empower supervisors, monitor hygiene results, and identify continually improvement opportunities to protect customers‘ Brand products.

Our plant operations are  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Kosher and Halal certified.  We have a  broad product offering available in wide variety of quantities and  packaging, from 500ml to 1500 IBCkg:

  • chemical detergents for food processing industry (meeat, fish, dairy, beverages),
  • household chemicals ( )
  • HORECA (including personal care products like hand soaps, shampoes, shower gels)
  • agricultural industry (detergents for livestock farming).

We :

Use  raw materials  from world class suppliers, like BASF, DOW, SOLVAY .

Understand the processes in the industry and emerging customer needs.

Do not only apply already tested truths, but also we create new once; and we respond flexibly and carefully every time.

Communicate, advise, solve and keep in touch with the client from the very first idea to final  result.