Hygiene solutions for brewery

The craft of brewing has been known in Lithuania since ancient times. Already in the 11th century beer was brewed in Lithuania, but most popular it became in the 16th century. In Zemaitija region, barley beer has been brewed since ancient times and used for ritual purposes. Even the oldest collection of laws of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania already contains several laws that mention brewing. Brewery workshop in Lithuania is one of the oldest. Moreover brewing was important economically. A good brewer in Lithuania had a respectable reputation. In independent Lithuania, due to the circumstances, beer has become not only a high-quality drink, but also a very expensiv. The restoration of independence opened up new opportunities for the country’s brewers. Brewers can choose the best raw materials for their beers and suppliers of detergents for their equipment.
Our company has more than 15 years of experience in the production of detergents for breweries. We offer a complete hygienic solution and work consistently:
• We test detergents at specific locations and on specific surfaces
• we determine accurate working concentrations
• conducting microbiological tests
• We monitor the work of the cleaning operators to make sure the cleaning is done properly
• we make sure that all employees use personal protective equipment as required by work safety instructions
• We provide detailed instructions how to use detergents we supply.

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