Mixing challenges in the chemical industry

Mixing challenges in the chemical industry are unique and ever-changing. Our engineers and scientists worked hard together to identify wherether BS Chemical mixing operations are good or bad. It is well known that mixing is an integral part of chemical or physical processes mixing of fluids such as blending, dissolving, dispersion, suspension, emulsification, heat transfer, and chemical reactions.

After a lot of discussions and analysis our experts decided to go for a new mixing reactor. The investigation showed that a lot of money was lost because of the poor mixing.

A heated pitched blade mixing reactor with circulating wheel was chosen as the best solution for our chemical operations.

After the installment of a new mixing reactor,

We achieved:

-Combined axial and radial flows.

-Effective exchange of heat with vessel walls or internal coil. -Either down-pumping or up-pumping mode can be used.

-Viscosity mixing up to 10,000 cps High intensity mixing.