We luanched new udder hygiene product for pre-milking and after milking proceses.

Agriculture is one of oldest businesses in Lithuania. But the amount of dairy cows in Lithuania has dropped significantly in recent years. There are quit a few reasons for that. The harsh mistake farmers do is believing that cows‘ teats desinfection after milking is enough. However it is important to know that both disinfection prior to milking and udder hygien after milking is needed. That is why we decided to develop three new products.

Foamimg humectant before milking.
Ready to use humectant with lactic acid must be used prior to milking. Cow‘s teats are covered with active foam, which easily removes dangerous mastitis caused pathogens. Treatment conatins skin softening substances. The treatment must be used together with foam making cup.

The concentrate used to prepare foaming pre-milking humectant.

Disinfecting humectant used for udder hygiene after milking process. Ready to use thick humectant contains iodine, lactic and glycolic acid. Fastens the closure of cows teats‘ milk canal. Moisturizes and protects teats‘ skin.